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Christmas Concert
In the spirit of the festive season, we at Newtownabbey Mens Shed, have committed to making 100 Christmas trees, snowmen and spinners, for the children at the Childrens Hospice NI. They, together with their families, enjoy the little precious time they have together, painting these items and displaying them in their own corners of the Hospice.

Some of these children will not see Christmas, and others are going through their end of life journey.

Yes!... I am very passionate about this particular charity and will keep working tirelessly to help in every way I can.

In order to support the Jingle all the way initiative by the Children Hospice, we, Newtownabbey Men's Shed, have helped by sponsoring a concert at Mosley Mill Theatre on the 22nd November starting at 7.00pm. The council has agreed to forfeit all usual income they earn from events as well as the booking charge percentage they normally keep. Instead, they will be donating this to the Children
's Hospice.
Your support for this event will be very much appreciated. Your presence at the concert, will not only add to the joy of the performers, who are giving their time for free, but also to the families and children of those in an unfortunate need of the Hospice.

Tickets are only £15 each. It should be a good evening.
This is the link to the booking system of the event.